Warren House

Named for Warren Newcomb, beloved husband of Newcomb College founder Josephine Louise Newcomb, this charming residence hall features elegant turn-of-the-century architecture. One side of the building known as Old Warren opened its doors in 1927 and was designed to complement the original Newcomb campus. The side known as New Warren was added at a later date (1952), but still incorporated the feel of the original building.

Warren is a three-story building with a variety of rooms. It has typical double rooms, all extra-long beds, with a community bath on the hall as well as a few two-room suites that share a bathroom, and quite a few single rooms. Almost all of the rooms have lovely old-fashioned casement windows, and a number have French doors opening onto small balconies.

Warren House

Building Number: 56

Administrative and Academic Units in this Building:

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