Task Force on Academic Collaborations

This task force is being assembled at the request of President Fitts to explore strategies to ensure the collaborative research at Tulane is a leader for the nation in the coming years.

This is the charge to the Task Force on Academic Collaborations:

  1. Identify the fields and subjects where Tulane can make superior contributions in teaching and research by integrating knowledge across schools.
  2. Tulane has developed expertise in several areas, notably the environment, energy, social innovation and public health. Explore the university’s already established potential for collaboration in those disciplines. Explore other areas where Tulane has strengths.
  3. Examine how lines between professions are blurring and the potential collaborations those conditions invite.
  4. Examine the institutional changes needed to support this, including joint degree programs, new professorships, joint appointments of professors and hiring for collaborative academic clusters.
  5. On a broad scale, explore what Tulane can do to foster a structure and culture that encourages ongoing collaborations.

The Task Force convened in December 2015 and its report is being reviewed by the President.

Report of the President's Task Force on Academic Collaborations