Faculty and Staff Headcount Stabilization

FY 2012

In light of current economic uncertainty, this policy remains in place to support the university’s prudent financial management strategy and the Administration’s continued commitment to strengthening the university’s academic progress and financial position. All personnel actions continue to be subject to the guidelines outlined below until further notice.
Headcount Stabilization Guidelines

  1. Administration, Faculty and Staff- the Headcount Stabilization applies to all full and part time positions, regular and temporary.
  2. Students- Student workers budgeted in the FY12 operating budget are not subject to the Headcount Stabilization.
  3. Graduate Assistantships- All existing assistantships are not subject to the Headcount Stabilization. New appointments need the approval of the Provost.

Filling Existing Staff Positions in the Event of Resignation or Termination
In the case of the departure of an incumbent staff member, departments may request to fill the position by completing a Personnel Request Form (PRF) via People Flow. Departments must hire at the lesser of the incumbent’s salary or midpoint for the position’s grade. Under no circumstances will departments be allowed to fill the position at a higher salary than the incumbent’s. Please note that all searches and employment offers must be done in accordance with university policy, and all offers for staff positions must have WFMO and OIE approval before any offer to a candidate is made. All unit heads and hiring managers are encouraged to review the Compensation Resource Guide.
Filling Existing Faculty Positions in the Event of Resignation or Termination
Requests for full and part time positions that are vacant as a result of resignation or termination should be directed first to the appropriate Dean. If the Dean approves the request, the Dean will forward it to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. In the School of Medicine and the Tulane National Research Primate Center, the SVP/Dean will review the request with the President; if approved, the SVP/Dean will work with the department head to coordinate the search and hire. In all other schools, the Provost will review the request; if approved, the Provost’s Office will work with both the Dean and the Department head to coordinate the search and hire. WFMO and OIE will be advised by the Provost’s Office and/or the SVP/Dean of the School of Medicine’s office that such a search has been approved.
Approval for Staff and Faculty Positions Currently Vacant/Budgeted in FY12 Budget
Between September 1, 2011 and December 1, 2011:
For those faculty and staff positions for which funding is included in their department’s Original FY12 Budget, the department may proceed with the search process after obtaining appropriate Budget Office and Senior Officer approval via People Flow.
After December 1, 2011:
If the department has an open faculty or staff position which is unfilled and for which funding was included in the department’s Original FY12 Budget, but for which no search process has been started, the position must be re-approved before the exception will be granted.
The re-approval process will require that the Department Head provide a written explanation of the need for the position, the reason for the delay in filling the position or undertaking a search, and a timeline for filling the position, to the appropriate Dean or Senior Officer. If the Dean approves, the Dean will review with the appropriate Senior Officer. If the Senior Officer approves, the Dean or Department head may move forward.  Positions for which the annual salary is greater than $100,000 will also need the approval of the President.
Funding Source
The Headcount Stabilization applies to positions funded fully or in part from any of the university’s operating or endowment accounts, such as ledgers 2, 4, 6 and 9. Positions fully funded by sponsored grants and contracts (ledger 5 and possibly ledger 6) are exempt from the Headcount Stabilization policy.
If you have any questions about this policy, feel free to contact the Workforce Management Organization or Anne Baños, Vice President for Administrative Services.

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