Welcome from Michael A. Fitts

15th President of Tulane University

The story of Tulane University, raising itself up alongside New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, is the inspiration of a generation. Tulane is more deeply engaged with the city than ever before, distinct for reaching out beyond our campuses and weaving public service into the curriculum. We have a passion for crossing boundaries, both geographically and intellectually. We are building a highly interconnected living and learning environment for undergraduates and a model for research that takes on era-defining challenges locally and globally. Our natural strengths include expertise in the environment, health and resilience.

With 10 schools and more than 13,000 students, Tulane has a rich selection of academic fields and a strategic size. This structure makes it a leader for interdisciplinary, innovation-minded approaches. We uniquely prepare our students to be nimble thinkers, the key skill of the 21st century. These values also inform our plans for our physical spaces and our strategies for a strong financial future. You can read more about all of these initiatives:

Tulane and New Orleans have always been vibrant, creative places. This is finding fresh expression in the remarkable entrepreneurship and innovation surge at the university and in the city. Thank you for visiting Tulane.edu. Please visit us on campus and explore more of what makes Tulane an unparalleled place.