The Inevitable City

The Inevitable City book jacketHow New Orleans Rebuilt Itself, By Itself

After seven years as the president of Tulane University, Scott Cowen watched Hurricane Katrina devastate his beloved New Orleans. When federal, state, and city officials couldn’t find their way to decisive action, Cowen, known for his gutsy leadership, quickly partnered with a coalition of civic, business, and nonprofit luminaries to work around the old institutions and save the community. Cowen has continued this work ever since, helping to transform the wreckage into a hub of social progress and economic growth. The Inevitable City outlines the ten principles that changed the game for New Orleans, and that can do the same for other communities struggling in the wake of disaster—whether natural or manmade.

With Detroit’s historic bankruptcy, the problems of urban America are clearer than ever—just as government paralysis hits an all-time high. It’s up to ordinary citizens everywhere to tackle the problems plaguing their own neighborhoods —including crime, poverty, and failing school systems—and rebuild the worlds they once knew. Here, Scott Cowen reminds us that leadership is the ability to see a future that does not exist and to work with others to realize it, as he did with the people of New Orleans.

The Inevitable City is available for purchase at local and online retailers.

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