February 7, 2014

Good Morning:

Last May, when I announced my plans to retire as president, a reporter asked me how I was going to feel when another leader of Tulane was appointed. I told him I thought it might be akin to how parents feel on their child's wedding day. While they have little choice on whom their child will marry and even less influence on the ultimate success of the union, their happiness rests on the outcome.

On Tuesday, when Michael A. Fitts was named Tulane's 15th president, I made a prediction that during his career here Mike would fall deeply and profoundly in love with Tulane and New Orleans. Mike is a man with outstanding academic credentials, proven administrative skill and extraordinary leadership ability. But what has impressed me most about him are his commitment and passion for undertaking the noble endeavor of serving as president of Tulane.

Mike understands the culture and values of our university. He knows that being Tulane's president is not merely a job or a position, it is a labor of love. On July 1st, when I step down, I will be glad to call Mike my president. I'm going to look forward with great interest and expectations as he takes Tulane on a journey from renewal to greatness.

Have a great weekend,


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