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Vice President for Administrative Services

As Vice President for Administrative Services, Anne Baños oversees departments that provide support services to the Tulane community. She leads the departments of Workforce Management Organization, University Services, Emergency Management, Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Newcomb Children’s Center and Kidopolis Child Development Center.

Administrative Services is comprised of the following departments that provide services to the Tulane community:

  • Workforce Management Organization The Workforce Management Organization’s mission is to provide exceptional levels of service in support of Tulane University’s mission of delivering excellence in education and research. We do this by acting as an internal consultant to our administrators, faculty and staff through customer-focused solutions and continuous quality improvement designed to attract, reward, and retain a competent and committed workforce.

  • University Services: University Services collaborates with its vendor partners to blend their expertise with the flavors and culture of our region in order to enrich your campus experience. Through the delivery of convenient, quality goods and services, we create an environment that encourages academic success, fosters community, and broadens the learning experiences at Tulane.

  • Emergency Management: In keeping with the university mission "to be a truly distinctive international university," the mission of the Office of Emergency Response is to achieve three primary goals:
    • We value our community's safety – our students, faculty and staff are not exposed to hazards & risks that could negatively impact their health, personal safety, or ability to create, communicate and conserve knowledge.
    • We are prepared for anything – our focus is to prepare for any type of unplanned event that may impact the Tulane family. We will ensure that our students, faculty and staff are always ready to react and respond to any type of emergency.
    • We can always do better – our job is never complete; we never stop learning. We will endeavor to always identify ways to improve and enhance emergency prevention, preparedness and response at Tulane. We will also collaborate with our partners outside of the Tulane community to further enhance the preparedness of the university and the entire New Orleans community.

  • Office of Environmental Health and Safety: The mission of the Tulane University Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS) is to support the Healthcare, Teaching, and Research activities of The University and to ensure, as practicable as possible, a safe and healthful environment for students, employees, patients, and visitors of the University and to assure that University activities do not adversely affect the health and safety of the communities which surround the campuses. OEHS is an advisory and service oriented Department that has both a preventive and a responsive role in University Health and Safety.

  • Newcomb Children’s Center/Kidopolis Child Development Center: We are a part of administrative services of Tulane University, and we base our program on the belief that every child is an individual and should be treated as a special and unique person. Our program is designed to help each child grow and develop at his/her own pace. We encourage children to choose from the array of planned, developmentally appropriate activities we offer. We place special emphasis on learning through play.

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