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Beyond the Classroom

A Tulane education is more than degree requirements.  Enhance your learning experience beyond the classroom.


Center for Engaged Learning & Teaching

Tulane University invites students to join with faculty in the search for new knowledge and creative expression.  For students, opportunities for discovery begin in the classroom and extend into campus laboratories, libraries, studios and beyond the university's walls.  The Center for Engaged Learning & Teaching (CELT) helps students and the entire Tulane community to create new knowledge through these and other experiential learning opportunities.

Center for Public Service (CPS)

Recognizing that active, civic engagement builds strong, healthy communities and responsible citizens, the Center for Public Service
merges academic inquiry with sustained civic engagement.  From the service learning component of the core curriculum to opportunities for service-oriented internships and independent studies, CPS helps undergraduates grow as citizens while making a difference in New Orleans.

Honors Program

The Tulane Honors Program offers superior students of the Undergraduate College the opportunity to broaden and enrich their undergraduate education and to intensify their preparation for graduate work. Members of the program benefit from small, accelerated classes, special academic and social programming, and individual advising.  Honors students will complete an honors thesis or equivalent project in their senior year, the product of independent research and study under the direction of a professor in the scholar’s major department, and the culmination of the scholar’s undergraduate career.

Independent Study

Many departments and programs offer to a limited number of students with superior scholastic standing creative opportunities for independent study normally under the direction of full-time faculty members. The work may take the form of directed readings, laboratory or library research, or original composition. Instead of traditional class attendance, the student substitutes conferences, as needed, with the director. An independent study is a stand-alone course that may not be added to another course and may not replicate existing courses.


An internship should be considered a career related learning experience.  The main goal of an internship is to give you exposure to a field of interest allowing you to begin developing professional experience and contacts in that field.  Sometimes students may earn academic credit for work in conjunction with an internship.

Study Abroad

Tulane University partners with top overseas universities and international institutions to make the highest quality overseas educational experiences available to its students. The range of subject matter reflects the particular opportunities and scholastic strengths available in each location. Language instruction is an integral part of the programs in non-English-speaking countries.

Washington Semester

Tulane University has a long-standing relationship with American University’s Washington semester program, to which we may send up to four students each semester (fall and spring). Students earn Tulane grades through their participation in one of the approved Washington Semester programs and apply their Tulane scholarships and financial aid. Interested students should contact Associate Dean Molly Travis of Newcomb-Tulane College at for information about applying.

Get Involved

Students can also enhance their experience at Tulane by getting involved in student organizations and other extra-curricular activities on campus.

Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs involves many staff, departments, programs, and services that provide a distinctive Tulane experience for all students.  These include Orientation, Housing & Residence Life, Greek Life, Student Organizations, and other aspects of campus life.

Student Government

Student government organizations give students a voice in the Tulane Community and give up-and-coming leaders a place to shine.  The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is a diverse group of Tulane students representing schools, students, Greek societies, and organizations in a multifaceted environment designed to foment discussion among all Tulane students.

Student Organizations

With more than 200 student organizations on the Tulane campus, every student has opportunities to join, lead, expand horizons, make friends and have fun. Tulane offers educational, military, multicultural, performance, pre-professional, political, religious and service organizations for students. In addition, students looking for activities outside the classroom can choose from student government, honor societies, fraternities and sororities, club and intramural sports, and media groups — something for everyone.

The Tulane Hullabaloo

The Tulane Hullabaloo is the eyes and ears of the Tulane community. It is the primary source of campus information for the students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Tulane University. Each issue contains newsworthy events, student achievements and general-interest issues that affect university life.

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