Tessa Barkan

  • Hometown: Kings Park, New York
  • Major: Undeclared, leaning towards psych
  • Favorite class taken at Tulane: Human Osteology
  • Favorite down-time hobby: Walking and exploring New Orleans
  • Favorite thing about Tulane or New Orleans: I love the mashing of people and cultures, how a community of individuals with such diverse backgrounds and interests can come together over the mutual love of their home.
  • One piece of advice you’d give to students starting at Tulane: Do whatever work you can outside- in front of the LBC, in the courtyard across from the library, in Audobon Park, or wherever else you find that calms you. College life can be stressful, but I know that when I'm overwhelmed, I feel a thousand times better if I do my work outside in the open air rather than in a cramped library or messy dorm room.

Tulane University Success Coaching Center (Diboll Complex), New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5107