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All full-time undergraduates at Tulane University are responsible for completing the Newcomb-Tulane College Core Curriculum. These requirements are intended to give students an opportunity to explore many areas of interest within a flexible structure.  The broad categories of the core curriculum--including humanities, fine arts, social sciences and sciences--introduce students to a variety of methodologies used to explore problems and issues.  More than just "checking requirements off a list," completing the core curriculum gives students an opportunity to compare and contrast these disciplinary approaches as they expand their own knowledge and expertise.

In addition to the Newcomb-Tulane College requirements, each school or degree program may have additional requirements.  Students should consult with their academic advisor or directly with the school determine how their degree requirements may be affected.  The Core Curriculum Grid also compares these school variations in a chart, side-by-side.

Finally, there are requirements specific to each major and minor as detailed in the university catalog.

At any time, students may access automated degree audits from Gibson online. Log in, select the Student tab, and choose Degree Audit from the menu.  The audit shows all completed courses and indicates the general degree requirements and major requirements that remain to be fulfilled before graduation.

Review the entire Core Curriculum, or view school-specific requirements side-by-side.

Core Curriculum FAQ's

  1. When should I complete the core curriculum?
  2. What is TIDES?
  3. When should I take first-year writing?
  4. Which foreign language course should I take?
  5. Which math course should I take?
  6. When should I take a service learning course?

When should I complete the core curriculum?

  • Most of the core requirements can be satisfied at any time before graduation. Time requirements only apply to the following: TIDES, first-year writing, service learning, and capstone.
  • The TIDES requirement must be satisfied in the first semester of full-time enrollment, and the first-year writing (ENGL 1010) requirement must be completed by the end of the freshman year.
  • The first service learning course (1000 - 3000 level) must be completed no later than the fourth semester of full-time enrollment at Tulane.
  • The capstone course, typically reserved for the senior year, should be completed no earlier than the second semester of the junior year and as advised by a student's major advisor.

What is TIDES?

  • TIDES stands for Tulane InterDisciplinary Experience Seminar, and is required of all freshmen in their first semester at Tulane.
  • Transfer students who enter Tulane with 25 or more earned credit hours are exempt from the TIDES requirement.
  • Due to space limitations, each student is only permitted to take one TIDES course.

When should I take first-year writing (ENGL 1010)?

  • ENGL 1010 must be completed by the end of your freshman year.
  • The Department of English schedules enough sections for about half of the incoming freshman class in the fall; many students will take it in the spring.
  • If you meet any of the circumstances below, you will satisfy the requirement and receive credit for ENGL 1010 without taking the course at Tulane.  If you think you might meet one of these circumstances, postpone registering for ENGL 1010:
    • AP score of 4 or higher for English Literature or English Language.
    • You are a transfer student and the course(s) to be transferred are determined to be equivalent to ENGL 1010 at Tulane and meet one of the following criteria: this was a 4-credit course; the courses comprised a two-course sequence of three credits each; or, this was the second course in a two-course sequence and you placed out of the first course.

Which foreign language course should I take?

  • All students must complete the online foreign language placement questionnaire at least five days before their scheduled registration date.
    • When filling out the questionnaire, request a placement for each language you might take, including those you have never studied.
    • You will be sent an e-mail with a placement level for each language you included.
    • You will NOT receive credit for a course below your official placement level.
  • All Newcomb-Tulane College students must take at least one foreign language course at Tulane (even if they have AP/IB credit).  Students pursuing a degree in engineering (BSE) are exempt from this requirement.
  • Students must also demonstrate a proficiency level which is determined by the school:
    • The School of Liberal Arts and the School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine require a proficiency level through the 2030 level.
    • All other schools require proficiency through the first year (1020 or 1120 level).
  • Check the Language Learning Center (LLC) website for more information.

Which math should I take?

  • Specific math requirements vary by school or degree program.  Consult with your academic advisor on the most effective way to satisfy both the core requirement and specific math requirements set by the schools.
  • The Mathematics Department provides suggestions for students with AP credit, and offers guidance on which calculus course is right for you.

When should I take a service learning course?

  • All students must enroll in their first-tier service learning course (1000 - 3000 level) no later than the fourth semester of full-time enrollment at Tulane.
  • Public service options are available with a wide variety of academic coursework, including some TIDES classes and other courses suitable for core curriculum and/or major requirements.
  • Transfer students who enter Tulane with 56 or more earned credit hours are exempt from the first-tier service learning requirement.
  • The second-tier service learning requirement may be satisfied with a service learning course, internship, independent study, or other option at the 3000 level or higher that is approved by the Center for Public Service.
  • The second-tier service learning requirement may be satisfied after the first-tier service learning course is completed, and once the student has attained junior standing.

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