The partnership between faculty and academic advisors is a powerful force for student success. Faculty members are encouraged to alert advisors when they think a student needs academic advising or information about other useful resources on campus.

Advisors can also help promote new classes, special guest lectures, and other departmental activities for undergraduates. We love to hear about research and service opportunities that may be of interest to our students. Contact us to help spread the word.

Meet the Advisors

Report a concern

If you are concerned about a student for academic reasons and want to let us know, you may report your concerns through our online Academic Alert System. With the Tulane Academic Alert System, instructors can:

  • Identify students who are experiencing academic difficulties
  • Identify high ability students that appear to be unchallenged
  • Identify students who are uncertain of educational goals and opportunities at Tulane
  • Identify students who need career advice and future direction
  • Connect students with their academic advisor and appropriate services to provide proactive support.

Concerns not of an academic nature can be reported via

We encourage you to contact us directly if you want to speak with an advisor or have time-sensitive concerns.

Commonly requested forms

Unfortunately, not all forms can be made available online at this time.

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