Students should consult with their academic advisor before using the forms below. Advisors will explain any processes or limitations on their use. These forms are made available online in an effort to familiarize students with various policies and procedures and to assist them in recognizing when they might need academic advising assistance.

General Forms

Add/Drop Form - Used to add, drop, and change grade type for courses during periods when these functions are closed in Gibson online.  Undergraduates should only use the Add/Drop form available at the Academic Advising Center or the Office of the Registrar.  (The online form specific to the Schools of Medicine and Public Health & Tropical Medicine cannot be accepted for undergraduate registration.)

Course Conflict Resolution Form - Used when two courses have conflicting meeting times, but both professors agree that a student may participate in both without being disadvantaged academically. The established times of each course, and details of the arrangement must be clearly stated on the form. You may obtain this form from your advisor.

Degree Audit Substitution Form - Used by faculty advisors to approve a substitution in a major or minor, and to have that substitution appear on the student's degree audit. You may obtain this form from your advisor.

Leave of Absence Request Form - Students may request a leave of absence for up to two semesters (excluding summers). Students must discuss a proposed leave with their academic advisor and with a representative from the Office of Financial Aid before a leave will be approved.

Major/Minor Declaration Form - Used to formally declare a major or minor. Students must declare a primary major before the end of their fourth semester of enrollment (sophomore year).

Readmission Application - Students who have been absent from Tulane for more than two semesters (excluding summers) must apply for readmission. Students must contact the Academic Advising Center to plan for their intended return to Newcomb-Tulane College.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Policy - Describes the policy on taking a course for an S/U grade type. Students must review this and submit it with an Add/Drop form when requesting a change of grade type to S/U .

Student Authorization for Release of Information Record - Also known as a FERPA form. Advisors may only discuss a student's academic information with third parties (including parents) if this document is signed by the student and on file with the Academic Advising Center.

Forms for First-year Students

Immunization Forms - These forms are required before students will be permitted to register for classes

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