Academic Record
Your academic record is the single-most important factor determining your admission into medical school. Medical schools determine your grade-point average from all graded courses (including physical education courses, repeated courses, and courses from other institutions). Medical schools are interested in your overall GPA, science GPA (BCPM-Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math), and all other (non-science) GPA. The average GPA for accepted applicants nationally is 3.53.

Earn the best grade-point average you can in courses that challenge and interest you. Admissions committees can readily see GPAs inflated by taking easy courses, light semester loads, or by shying away from the sciences (by taking them one at a time, elsewhere, or in the summer). You should try to obtain both breadth and depth in your program. Instead of "padding" your schedule with 1000-level survey courses, take upper-level courses which cover an area in some detail. 

Honors courses constitute an excellent academic experience and are indicated on your application and transcript. You are encouraged to enroll in them, if eligible. Honor classes and sections are open to students in the Honors Program and other students with instructor approval. Additionally, independent study and research provide excellent opportunities to explore areas in depth.

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