Advice For Incoming Pre-health Students

Many of the health professions have similar requirements. Please make sure to check each profession's curriculum requirements as some courses do vary in each prehealth discipline.

  • Major in the field which interests you most, while showing good ability in the sciences.
  • Develop your ability to read, write, and think.
  • Critical thinking and clear communication skills are important.
  • Explore the field of your interest; be sure you know the positive and negative aspects of being a health professional and about the future of your career choice.
  • Pursue, in depth, extracurricular activities (see below) which interest you. Health professions schools like interesting people. Grades are important, but health professions schools consider more than academic performance alone.
  • Grade trends are important; steady increase in GPA is far more desirable than a steady decrease. A less than spectacular year can and must be overcome.
  • You will need letters of evaluation from instructors who know you and your work well. These come best from people with whom you have developed a relationship of shared interests, e.g., in academics or research. Get to know your instructors!
  • Pursue an academic interest in depth, including opportunities for research. Research need not be in a laboratory. Explore non-traditional subjects through individualized courses.
  • Selectively enjoy what Tulane has to offer. Make friends and participate in activities. Involve yourself with your interests. Keep alert to opportunities. Show leadership and initiative.
  • Remember that your worth is not measured by your success in getting into a health professions school.

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