Extracurricular Activities

Your activity outside the classroom is valuable. One of the most impressive accolades you could earn from an admission’s committee is "well-rounded." Extracurricular involvement provides you with an outlet and a chance to show your individuality. Varied extracurricular opportunities exist for you at Tulane; none is inherently better than another. No one expects you to participate in all of them, and certainly no one expects you to be so involved that your GPA suffers. It is just as unwise to be overextended as it is to be under involved. At no time and under no circumstances are extracurricular activities a substitute for good grades. Students who become so involved in campus activities that their grades suffer are not likely to be admitted to medical school. Students who have good grades and participate in extracurricular activities will undoubtedly be admitted before those who do not have such outside interests. Become involved in the activities you genuinely enjoy and become a leader rather than just a member barely involved in many organizations.

Medical schools also like to see students who are active in community/volunteer work. The Community Action Council of Tulane University Students (CACTUS) provides for volunteer experiences in a variety of areas. Becoming a community volunteer is certainly a worthwhile and recommended venture.

The following Tulane organizations are popular with premedical students. Some of these are basically honorific; others require a more substantial commitment of time and energy.

Alpha Delta Epsilon Honorary Premedical Society
Campus Coalition for AIDS Prevention
Community Action Council of Tulane University Students
Blood Drive Volunteer
Hospital Volunteer
Mardi Gras Coalition
Peer Support Network
Departmental Societies
Externship Program through Alumni Affairs
Peer Health Network
Premedical Society
Student Government
Tulane Emergency Medical Service
Tulane Scholars Program

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