Junior Year Abroad Program
The Junior Year Abroad (JYA) Program presents a magnificent educational opportunity, and most realistic medical school aspirants qualify. It provides not only exceptional experiences for students, but also makes their credentials stand out from those of other applicants.

Participation in JYA takes careful long-range planning on the part of premedical students. You must ensure that you have completed all the basic premedical courses before going abroad. Scheduling the MCAT also requires careful planning. Some students take the MCAT before going abroad; some take the exam while abroad; and others wait until they return to take the exam. All students, whether or not they participate in JYA, are advised to take the exam by the end of the junior year.

Plan ahead to obtain faculty evaluations. Many students ask faculty members they had as teachers in their junior year (and who also may have taught them in earlier years) to write evaluations. However, evaluations from instructors abroad or the Tulane Professor-in-Charge of JYA usually are not valuable. The solution for JYA participants is to get at least some of their evaluations from Tulane professors before leaving. The Creative Premedical Scholars Program provides another solution: acceptance through this program assures the student of a place at Tulane School of Medicine before going abroad.

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