Health Professions Committee Process
Committee recommendations are perceived most favorably by admissions officers as the best possible way to present an applicant. Many medical schools request, and sometimes require, letters from a committee of your undergraduate institution that evaluates each premedical student. Tulane's committee letter is based on your individual faculty evaluations, personal statement, MCAT scores, college transcript, resume, self-appraisal form and interview with a Health Professions Committee member.

The Health Professions Committee at Tulane consists of faculty members from the different disciplines and the Health Professions Advisors. You will interview individually with one of the members of the committee; on the basis of this interview, the Health Professions committee member will then write an institutional letter of recommendation. The intention of this committee review and recommendation is to support your application to professional school by substantiating your credentials.

Before the interviews take place in the spring (End of January to first week in April), you will need to attend the mandatory fall Health Professions Application Meeting (which will be advertised) where you will receive the necessary information on how the Committee process works but also how the application process works along with a timeline and deadline listing.

Once you attend this meeting to get your HPP (Health Professions Packet) then you will be able to provide certain information and supporting materials to the Health Professors Advisor. This is information that will be forwarded to the Committee member who will do your initial interview.

  1. Health Professions Information Forms(Information Sheet, 2 wavier forms) If your Health Professions Information forms and information are not turned in by the deadline you will not be able to receive a letter of recommendations but will still be able to have your recommendations forwarded to the application service.
  2. Three (or more) letters of recommendation:
    Two from science faculty members of your choosing
    One from a non-science faculty member of your choosing
  3. Resume
    including extracurricular activities, honors, and work experiences
  4. Personal Essay (rough draft)
  5. Self-appraisal form
  6. MCAT Scores (if available)
  7. Photograph

You may call the office to check the status of your file; if the necessary information is in your file, we can then arrange your interviews as soon as possible.

The Health Professions Advisor will review your file for completeness and provide you with the name of your faculty interviewer. It is your responsibility to arrange a day and time for your interview with them. Respect any special regulations this faculty member may have concerning office hours. In the interview, be sure to tell your Committee interviewer about anything you believe should be included in your recommendation. Remember that the Committee can help you best when its members have complete and personal knowledge of you, your background, and your goals. Committee letters will be submitted to health profession application services in June and July.

The only students who are eligible for a Committee Letter are Tulane Undergraduate Students who meet the deadlines. Tulane Alumni and students who did not attend Tulane will not be able to receive a Committee Letter but will be able to seek advice from the Health Professions Office.

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