Factors Involved

Final consideration of a medical school encompasses many factors. You need to consider carefully the pros and cons of attending a given medical school. The following is a list of items you may wish to weigh in your decision:

  • Costs (tuition, housing, transportation, books, etc.)
  • Financial aid availability
  • Location (nearness to home, university setting, city, cultural center, suburb)
  • Climate
  • Social life (extracurricular activities, availability, facilities, spare time)
  • "Atmosphere" of school (relaxed, pressured, competitive)
  • Special programs
  • Clinical facilities
  • Research facilities
  • Curriculum (structured, innovative, flexible)
  • Grades and tests
  • Faculty/student ratio and contact with faculty members
  • Students' performance on national boards (parts 1 and 2)
  • Student population (diversity, colleges attended, percentage of women and minorities)
  • Length of education
  • Summer classes
  • Wealth of school
  • Faculty makeup (full-time, research interests, publications)
  • Prestige of school (popular opinion, reputation in medical circles)
  • Team teaching, early clinical correlations
  • Instruction in the care of the terminally ill, medical ethics
  • Noted programs
  • How well students "match" with one of their top three residency choices

Consider speaking to: current medical students; Tulane alumni currently enrolled; the faculty at medical school; and admissions’ officers, student services personnel, and financial aid officers.

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