Review Courses

  • Stanley Kaplan: Stanley Kaplan offers instructional sessions, a supplementary program of CDs offered in the Kaplan center, home study materials, and simulated MCATs which target weak areas in which improvement is needed. Call (504) 866-TEST for more information.
  • The Princeton Review: Princeton Review offers diagnostic exams given under actual test-taking conditions and various other materials. For further information call (800) 2 Review.
  • Individual Review
  • The advantage of being inexpensive--the only cost is that of review manuals. In addition, you are free to concentrate on those areas in which you are least confident. MCAT review guides are available through the bookstore. Suggested are: A Complete Preparation for the New MCAT by James L. Flowers, M.D., and The MCAT Student Manual (which contains a full-length practice test) from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

While it is important to prepare for the MCAT, do not neglect or distort your regular studies for the single purpose of doing well on the test. Remember that a strong academic performance in your junior year is an important part of your application.

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