Are You Ready for Your Advising Appointment?

In order to make the most of your time during your advising appointment, please prepare by completing the following:
1. Be prompt for your appointment. If you cannot make your appointment, please cancel your appointment online, so that that time slot may be made available for other students.
2. Understand requirements of your health profession interest and the majors you are considering. Read course descriptions to be aware of any prerequisites and co-requisites.

3. Prepare a list of questions for you and your Pre-Health advisor to discuss.
4. Explore university resources. (CELT, Career Services, Study Abroad, Honors, etc.)
5. Be aware of drop/add deadlines and additional university requirements.

Academic calendar: http://registra

What to expect from your Pre-Health advisor

What your advisor expects from you

•To be thought of as an individual person with unique characteristics, talents, and abilities.
•To be treated with respect and dignity and that the advisors will maintain the confidentiality of the advising sessions.
•To help students discover a realistic, holistic, and diversified perspective of their field of choice.
•To provide accurate information.
•To provide opportunities for students' realistic evaluation of competitiveness for admission.
•To help students define and examine their personal goals and values so students may reflect if these fit the profession of choice.
•To encourage students to reflect on the qualities and characteristics of a good professional.
•To assist students by providing information for application preparation to professional programs.

•To have knowledge of your chosen career, obtained through reading, shadowing, informational interviews, working, and volunteering.
•To have realistic perceptions of the journey you are about to begin. This includes both academically and personally.
•To be an active participant in the advising process.
•To take ownership and responsibility for research of career opportunities in the healthcare field.
•To utilize resources in the Tulane, New Orleans, and global communities.
•To come prepared to meetings.
•To exude a standard of professionalism through communication and actions.

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