With all the competition to get into medical school, retaining one's individuality can be quite difficult. Premeds tend to mimic what other accepted applicants have done, believing (wrongly) that there is a certain specified program to follow in order to become a physician. You have a better opportunity for success by being yourself, studying diligently, and working to the best of your ability. You should not do things because you feel they will "help your application." You should do things because they interest you, because you enjoy them, and because you want to learn more. You should not compromise your individuality in order to fit a preconceived mold. Admission committees look for aspects of your life that differentiates you from the rest. The more you deviate from the "premedical mold," the more personality you allow to show. Be yourself and get the best education Tulane can provide.

Inquiry into the Health Professions

If you are considering a career in medicine or a medically-related field, you should consult one of the Health Professions Advisors early in your undergraduate career to discuss available options in your choice of and preparation for a future profession. To make an appointment with a Health Professions Advisor, go to:

Your selection of a career in the health sciences requires that you become as familiar as possible with the particular field involved. You can do this by:

  • Reading books and articles describing the requirements of various careers. Such literature is available in the Health Professions Advisor's Office.
  • Talking with professionals in different fields. (These professionals also may allow you to observe or assist them in their practice.)
  • Obtaining experience in a health-related facility as a volunteer or employee.
  • Assessing your intellectual abilities and personality aptitude for various careers through self-examination and/or personal inventory assessments such as those available through the Counseling and Testing Center and Career Planning and Placement Center. Explore your natural talents and learn what you do well.
  • Demonstrating academic ability and success in completing pre-professional course requirements. If medicine is a serious goal for you, devote extra study time to achieve this goal, but do not allow the "premed" mind-set to dominate your college experience.



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