Now that your first year is complete, and you have truly settled into life at Tulane, your second year is a time to dig deeper into your academics, and to start thinking about your long-term plans. Think about internships, study abroad programs, and research and service opportunities that can enhance your educational experience.


Sophomores should also complete the following:

Declare your major.

A major field of study provides each student the opportunity to explore a single area of inquiry in depth and to gain the self-confidence derived from mastery of a subject. The major must be declared no later than the beginning of a student’s fourth semester of college study. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with his/her major advisor when declaring a major and in subsequent semesters. Major advisors are valuable contacts not only for degree requirements, but for professional advice and insights into your field of study.

The selection of a major program also determines the school with which the student will be affiliated. Students may change their majors at any point in their academic careers; students choosing to change their majors should be aware that:

  • this action may necessitate a change in school.
  • not all previously completed coursework may apply to the newly selected school or major, and
  • additional coursework may be necessary to meet the new major requirements.

To declare a major or minor, bring a Major/Minor Declaration Form to the appropriate department for review and approval by a faculty member. Return the completed form to the Academic Advising Center.

Complete the first-tier public service requirement.

The guiding principle behind the public service requirement is the belief that service, rooted in an academic context while growing into other areas of service, contributes to the development of student civic engagement. Student must complete the first of two service requirements by the close of their fourth semester at Tulane. This can be any service learning course at the 1000, 2000, or 3000 level. Either a 20-hour or 40-hour service experience at these course levels will satisfy the requirement.

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