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Is My Student Ready For Coaching?

Coaching is most effective when students are fully engaged in the process and seeking to achieve results. Coaching is a collaborative process between the student and coach where relationships are built on trust, communication, hard work, follow through, and honesty. In our experiences, students benefit most from coaching when they choose to be a part of the process and participate willingly.

Below is a list of questions that can help guide you to whether or not your student is ready for coaching.
Circle Yes or No for each of the following statements:

  1. Does my student intrinsically want to make improvements?

                   Yes        No

  2. Is my student genuinely interested in partnering with someone to develop plans to reach specific goals?

                   Yes        No

  3. Is my student open to experimenting with new and different approaches to academic and personal tasks?          

                   Yes        No

  4. Is my student interested in personal reflection and self-discovery?                                           

                   Yes        No

  5. Is my student willing to modify or eliminate behaviors that limit his/her success?   

                   Yes        No

  6. Is my student ready to take part in a collaborative process with a coach and give feedback when appropriate?

                   Yes        No

  7. Will my student attend weekly or biweekly meetings with a coach and arrive on time?

                   Yes        No                   

  8. My student is attending coaching because they find value in the process, not because I have prescribed that they use this resource.

                   Yes        No      

Coaching Readiness Scale:
Yes to 5 or more: Your student is ready to apply for coaching today!
Yes to 3 or 4: Your student may want to meet with a success coach for an initial meeting to see if coaching is a good fit.
Yes to 2 or fewer: Your student may not be ready and may want to consider coaching at another time.

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