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The Tutoring and Writing Center offers content tutoring for 30+ subjects. Students can utilize tutoring by booking a 1:1 appointment online (see 'scheduling' button to the right of the page) or by dropping in on a walk-in session.
Preparing for your 1:1 tutoring Session:
Students should come prepared with an agenda for their 30-minute tutoring session. Students can expect their tutor to challenge and support them through understanding the content, and becoming a more strategic and independent learner. Example session agendas include: understanding a concept or material better, strategizing on the best approach to studying course content, learning resources on campus and online that can support the student, etc.

Preparing for Walk-In/Drop-In Group Tutoring:
Students do not need to come with an agenda for group tutoring sessions. Students can show up, and work independently or they can collaborate with peers. Tutors are on-hand to answer any questions that may arise.

Private Tutoring?
Private Tutors offer tutoring for a price that they decide. These tutors are not employed by the University, and quality may vary from one tutor to the next. Students have access to the private tutor list HERE.

We offer the following services for the Fall and Spring semesters:
Group/Walk-In Tutoring Hours
One-on-one 30-minute appointments


Hours of Operation and Location:

10:00a.m.--9:00p.m., Monday--Thursday

10:00a.m.--3:00p.m., Friday

12:00p.m.--8:00p.m., Sunday

Closed Saturday

Closed during all University holidays

Special Closures:  1/16- 1/22, 2/24-2/28, 3/24-4/2, 4/14-4/17,4/18: closed from 5p- 7p

Special Hours: 2/23, 3/23, 4/13, Finals Week

Closed for Summer: 5/13

We are located in the Science and Engineering Building #14. This is located on the academic quad, next to Flower Hall. We share a building with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), The Goldman Center of Accessibility, and Financial Aid.

Phone: (504) 865-5103