Tips for Sophomores

Donald Asher, author of How to Get a Job with Any Major, From College to Career, and Graduate Admissions Essays has assembled a list of tips for sophomore students. Consider the following advice when planning your second year of college.

  • Prepare in the first semester to get a summer internship (see "Second Summer" below).
  • Test your interest in one or more majors by deepening your class load in those subjects.
  • Continue to see faculty outside of the classroom.
  • Become involved in departmental activities, such as guest speakers, receptions, symposia, committee work open to students, and especially the informal events such as barbecues, softball Saturdays, whatever they're doing together.
  • Continue with an academic activity.
  • Begin to think seriously about what you're going to do after college.
  • Start going to all career fairs and asking lots of questions.
  • If you’re comfortable with your major and settled into college, consider taking the second semester abroad. Also, if you’re going to take a semester abroad in the junior year, you may need to plan on it now. (See Tips for Juniors)
  • Get by without a car; your grades will be higher.
  • Live on campus; your grades will be higher.

Second Summer

This summer "counts," and is not free. Try to do one of the following:

  • Work at an internship or summer job in an industry or field that you would potentially like to pursue after graduation; if you discover you don’t like it, you can still change direction successfully.
  • Work at an academically related internship that supports your graduate school plans.
  • If, and only if, you can't find one of the above, go to summer school to beef up your chances of graduating on time and/or prepare for graduate school.

From How to Get Any Job with Any Major, © 2004, used with permission.
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