Tulane Alumni Association


Tulane Alumni Board Photos

TAA Board Meeting August 1999


L to R: Ann Stone, Jay Stone (A&S'64), Rich Schmidt (E'66, G'67), and TAA President, Ann Farmer (N'73)

L to R: Lea Ellison (N'69), David Depp (A&S'66), John Williams (Ar'74, Ar'78), Laura Williams, Greg Eaton (L'73), and Debbie Poitevent (SW'94)

L to R: Fred Diegel, Susannah Coolidge (N'88), Mike Nobel (E'74), Lee Smithson (A&S'84), and Bill Kammer (L'72)

L to R: Lara Geller (N'93), Stephanie Mansur (N'93), Craig Mitchell (L'96), and Cam Marston (A&S'91)

L to R: Tommy Meehan (E'83), Mary Meehan, and Julianne Frank (A&S'77)

Mobile Chapter Alumni: Michael Pierce (B'94) and Emily Sommer (N'61)

L to R: Tommy Meehan (E'83), Keith Perrin (M'80), and Mary Perrin (H'88)

L to R: Margaret Ann Turfitt Lindsey (N'53), President of the Medical School Alumni Association, Ed Lindsey (A&S'51, M'58) and VP for Institutional Advancement, Jane Simmons Bickford

Mobile Chapter Alumni: Dr. Patricia Mark and Michael Mark (L'84)

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