Tulane Alumni Association


Tulane Alumni Board Photos

TAA Board Meeting July 2000



The weekend's events started with a cocktail reception at the Chicago Historical Society. L to R: Michell Merrigan (GS'95) - Chicago. IL; Sarah Jernigan (NC'94) - Louisville, KY; Kristin Bourgeois - Lafayette, LA; Nichole Bourgeois - Lafayette, LA; Teighlor Simon (L'97) - Chicago, IL and Andre' Walker (E'89) - Chicago, IL.

L to R: Rich Schmidt (E'66, G'67) - Fairfield, CT; Elaine Ricketts (PH'94) - Chicago, IL and Dale Little (GS'58) - New Orleans, LA.

L to R: Lonny Elfenbein - Cincinnati, OH; Simeon Wildman (L'01) - New Orleans, LA; Jenny Kaplan (NC'99) - Chicago, IL; Ann Bunger - Chicago, IL and Eric Weimers (E'80) - Chicago, IL.

Claudette Schmidt - Fairfield, CT and Stanley Cohn (A&S'78, L'81) - New Orleans, LA.

L to R: Dana Ray (NC'97) - San Antonio, TX; Lara Geller (NC'93) - South Florida and Cam Marston (A&S'91) - Charlotte, NC.

L to R: Buck Farmer - New Orleans, LA; Ann Farmer (NC'73) - New Orleans, LA; Dale Little (GS'58) - New Orleans, LA; Sharon Bourgeois (NC'69) - Lafayette, LA; Nichole Bourgeois - Lafayette, LA; Kristin Bourgeois - Lafayette, LA; and St. Paul Bourgeois (A&S'69) - Lafayette, LA.

L to R: Rich Schmidt (E'66, GS'67) - Fairfield, CT; Bill Kammer (L'72)- San Diego, CA; "Boone"- our waiter and John Williams (A&S'74, A'78, A'04) - New Orleans, LA.

L to R: Rick Powell (A'77)- Kansas City, MO; Eric Weimers (E'80) - Chicago, IL and Mary Lise Weimers - Chicago, IL.


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