The Young Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award

The Young Alumni Volunteer of the Year award is given to a recent graduate who through their dedicated and voluntary efforts to support the programs and mission of Tulane, express their gratitude to the University and ensure its enlarging impact on our community and future generations of students.

The candidate must demonstrate the following:

- An early record of distinguished service to Tulane University; and

- Continued interest in serving the university in his/her life.

Additional Criteria:

-The recipient must be an alumnus/a of Tulane University.

-The recipient must have attained alumni status within ten years.

- The recipient must be forty or younger at the time of the nomination.

- The recipient must be in attendance at the designated ceremony in order to receive the award.


Alumni Volunteer Award

  • 2009: Robert Joseph Boudreau, II
  • 2008: Brian Arlington Kilmer and Aimée M. Simmons
  • 2007: St. Paul Bourgeois, Sharon Bourgeois,
    Joe Davenport and John C. Williams
  • 2005: Walter C. Flower, III and Harry B. Kelleher, Jr.
  • 2004: Joseph Sabatier, Joyce Sabatier
    and Andre Keil Moss
  • 2003: Joseph C. Cali, Linda Mintz and Albert Mintz
  • 2002: Olive Sartor, Ryan Sartor and Thomas C. Wicker
  • 2001: James Gundlach, Susan Gundlach
    and Gilbert Vorhoff
  • 2000: Gregory M. Eaton
  • 1998: Max H. Durham
  • 1997: H. Mortimer Favrot, Mary Jane Fenner
    and Charlotte Barkerding Travieso 
  • 1996: Gerard W. Barousse, Sr., Margaret W. Engman
    and Reuben I. Friedman
  • 1995: Addison C. Carey Jr., Margaret Whalen Kelly,
    John L. Martinez and Herbert O'Donnell
  • 1994: Emile Bernard, Robert L. Hewitt, M.D.,
    Jane Kelleher and Riess Barkerding
  • 1993: Robert C. McIntyre, James R. Nieset,
    Mercedes Plauche Nieset and Vada Odom Reynolds
  • 1992: Robert B. Acomb Jr., Sybil Muths Favrot and
    Waldemar S. Nelson   
  • 1991: Rutledge C. Clement, Jr., Marian Wadler Strug
    and Hyman C. Tolmas 
  • 1990: Reginald Henry Smith, Jr., Mary Nell Nolan Young
    and Robert Eskrigge Young  
  • 1989: Executive Committee, Newcomb Alumnae Association: Carol Downes Cudd, Polly Phelps Durham Regan, Alford Forrester, Martha Azar Hiatt, Winifred M. Delery Hills, Mary Jane Dillard McCoy, Bette Prescott Minihan, Anne Affolter Morse, Harriet Barry Schupp, Allie Wyler Verlander and Cathy Kornegay Walter 
  • 1988: Moise B. Bloch and Albert H. Cohen
  • 1987: Michael R. DuVall and Philip E. Masquelette
  • 1986: J. Bruce Hagan, Ruth M. Hagan
    and Robbert W. Vorhoff

Young Alumni Volunteer Award

  • 2014: Elliott J. Wiener

  • 2013: Kathryn Spruill Roman

  • 2012: Lisa M. Laws
  • 2009: Shivonne L. Laird
  • 2008: Burdette Huffman
  • 2007: Ryan Guillory
  • 2005: Mary Elizabeth Lobrano, MD
  • 2004: Robert Tessaro
  • 2003: Kelly McKean
  • 2002: Sallye Wolf
  • 2001: Steven Kirson
  • 1998: Ruth Zarren-Koch
  • 1997: Timothy Allen Clear
  • 1996: Edward W. Pilot
  • 1995: Morton D. Berger
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