Notification of Theft, Loss, Release, or Destruction of Select Agents


An entity is required by regulation to notify APHIS or CDC immediately upon discovery of theft (unauthorized removal of select agent or toxin), loss (failure to account for select agent of toxin), or release (occupational exposure or release of a select agent or toxin outside of the primary barriers of the biocontainment area) of a select agent or toxin.  The RO, ARO, or the Facilities Director will immediately report such findings to the CDC or APHIS.  Following the initial reporting, the RO or ARO will complete the APHIS/CDC Form 3 and submit to APHIS or CDC within 7 calendar days following all instructions included on Form 3.


In the event that a release of a select agent or toxin occurs, the RO or ARO will also notify the Occupational Health Nurse, TU Office of Environmental Health and Safety, and the TNPRC Associate Director who will also notify the LA Office of Public Health.


The requirements for reporting such events are detailed in the Guidance Document for Report of Theft, Loss or Release of Select Biological Agents and Toxins and the federal regulations (42 CFR 73 and 7 CFR 331 & 9 CFR 121).


If there are any questions to whether a theft, loss, or release of a select agent has occurred immediately contact the Office of Biosafety at (504) 988-0300 to determine if this is a reportable event.

Office of Biosafety, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-0300