Program for Bridge Research Support

Tulane University Program for Bridge Research Support

Application Deadline: Monday, November 20, 2017

Objective: To sustain competitively funded research projects that have temporarily lost extramural support.

The Bridge Program provides one-time support to eligible Principal Investigators to assist with re-establishing external funding. A primary objective of the Program is to keep experienced research teams together; thus, priority will be given to retain project staffing temporarily.

Who is Eligible: Bridge support is intended for those Principal Investigators who have experienced a significant reduction from extramural sources, and who can reasonably anticipate regaining competitive support in the upcoming year. 

Priority is given to those Principal Investigators who meet the following criteria:

• They received continuous extramural funding from peer-reviewed sources during the five years preceding their request.

• They have lost, or will lose most of their extramural funding during the current fiscal year.

• They can reasonably anticipate re-establishing funding.

Consideration will also be given to Principal Investigators who received high scores in the peer-review of a recent federal grant proposal that was not awarded. In this case, evidence of scoring and reviewer comments should be included with the application.

Expense Categories Eligible for Assistance:

  • Salaries/Benefits for research support personnel
  • Supplies and Equipment
  • Animal Care

Bridge Program support may not be used for:

  • PI and co-PI salaries (including Summer salaries)
  • Travel
  • Budget overdrafts on other projects
  • Administrative Costs

How to Apply:

Applications should include:

  • A cover letter summarizing the Principal Investigator’s funding history, the need for Bridge Program support and a description of plans to re-establish funding.

  • A detailed budget of proposed expenditures, up to total costs of $30,000.

  • NIH- or NSF-style Biographical Sketch.

The application need not describe in detail the research project for which funding is requested because this program does not evaluate scientific merit per se.

Proposals should be submitted electronically to:
Laura S. Levy, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research

The deadline for submission is Monday, November 20, 2017

Awards: Awards will be made in consultation with an internal review committee and with academic Deans. Available funding is limited.


1440 Canal Street Suite, 2400, TW-5, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-3291