Housing Charges

Current per diem July 1st 2018 per diem  
Mouse    Micro Isolator Standard  $0.90 $0.93

Mouse  Sterile Cage $0.99 $1.02

Mouse  Quarantine/ABSL-2 $1.06 $1.10

 Micro Isolator Standard  $0.93 $0.96

Rat Sterile Cage $1.00 $1.04

Rat BSL2 Quarantine/ABSL-2 $1.10 $1.14

Per Diem - Per Animal Charges

$1.55 $1.75  
Guinea pig
$0.75 $0.78

Guinea pig BSL2


$5.73 $5.96

Note:  Per Diem rates are calculated as the number of cages or number of animals per day (cages/day or animals/day) Animal Charges There is a 15% surcharge on every animal purchase.

Please contact DCM for a quote on species not listed here.


Professional Services

Animal Care Technician                                    $18.00/hr

Surgery Technician                                           $28.00/hr

Veterinarian                                                       $44.00/hr

This fee is charged for services which include but are not limited to: transporting animals, weighing, restraining, identifying, technical training, radiology, separating overcrowded cages, euthanizing animals, clinical pathology, clinical microbiology and serology, biopsy/necropsy, and venipuncture.


Surgery Rooms

Large Animal Surgery - $26 per hour, supplies, technician and/or veterinarian time, plus a 15% surcharge.

Rodent Surgery Rooms - $ 5.50 per hour, please reserve these rooms online.

Mobile Anesthesia Unit - $5.50 per hour or $25 per day.  Please submit a service request to rent a mobile unit.


Necropsy Areas

There is no charge for the use of necropsy areas however; a fee of $18 per hour will be assessed if room is not cleaned after use.


Animal Transport

Animal transport – cost of applicable crates suitable for shipping rodents, technician time, and freight charges plus a 15% surcharge.

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