Federal regulations require persons working with animals used for teaching or research to be competent to perform their assigned duties and further require that competency be documented. This requirement extends to all personnel who perform procedures on live animals.

All personnel who work with laboratory animals should be familiar with the facilities and policies of the Department of Comparative Medicine.

In order to comply with both of these requirements, the Tulane University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee has authorized the Department of Comparative Medicine to develop and present a mandatory training and orientation program. The program will be presented quarterly and includes a wet-lab utilizing live animals.

Training programs are held quarterly in 6015 Stern Hall (conference room on the roof level of Stern Hall). Each program consists of an hour long instruction on policies and procedures and an hour wet-lab. Attendance will be documented. The Comparative Medicine list-serv is emailed when upcoming sessions are planned. In addition, customized training is offered to fulfill your research needs. Please call the main office 865-6716 to discuss your needs and schedule a time with DCM faculty or staff.


Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000