Animals obtained from or going to non-commercial vendors must have an Import/Export form completed. The DCM will process these as quickly as possible, but there may be a delay in shipping/receiving based on animal availability, quarantine space, or ambient temperature out of acceptable shipping range.

Please note: temperature limits are 45 deg F to 85 deg F and shipping animals in the winter months and summer months may lead to weather related delays.

A health report is REQUIRED, from the source institution for all INCOMING animal shipments. The health report should include results dating back 1 year on the serology, parasitology and microbiological status of the animals being shipped and the facility in which they are housed. In addition, information on the type of housing and husbandry for the facility/room of origin should be included. The health report should be faxed or e-mailed to the DCM office, attention Lynell Dupepe

The Attending Veterinarian will review the health reports and determine if quarantine or re-derivation procedures are appropriate. Once animals have been approved for quarantine the request will be forwarded to the shipping coordinator. Should re-derivation procedures be recommended, the principal investigator will be contacted with the appropriate information and options.

Incoming animals will be housed in the DCM’s rodent quarantine facility located downtown.  The cost of the quarantine procedures will be recharged to the investigator directly. The total quarantine period is approximately 6 - 8 weeks.

The above steps help to ensure that all rodents at Tulane University remain disease free. Since multiple faculty members use the animal facilities, please take these precautions to ensure that the University’s research programs are not compromised. Thank you for your cooperation.

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