Distance Learning Facility

The Center for Applied Environmental Public Health (CAEPH) has developed and operates distance education facilities for Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPHTM). Successful distance learning requires more than just the technology. CAEPH takes a three pronged approach to insure excellence in the distance learning: 1) content matter (faculty expertise and curriculum); 2) delivery techniques (teaching materials and methods developed and tailored for a specific technology); and 3) application of communication and computer technology for education. Interactivity is a hallmark of Tulane distance learning programs. Tulane CAEPH conducts research on the effectiveness of distance delivery technology and corresponding teaching methodologies. Ongoing evaluation to insure student performance with objective outcome measures is a part of the program. These capabilities are open for use by SPHTM, medical center and university faculty and department on a cost reimbursement basis.

Capabilities include communication and computer technologies. Both systems incorporate real-time interactive features: two-way video teleconferencing and Internet with two-way voice and video streaming capabilities. Both systems are state-of-the-art; an innovative approach to their use has been the linkages of the two systems to add power to distance learning technologies. A 1-800 phone number is available to students who wish to speak with the instructor.


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