Downtown Campus Office

1430 Tulane Avenue
Box 8315
New Orleans, LA 70112
Fax: 988-1748

Staff Contacts and Services

Staff Contacts

Kathleen M. Kozar
Director, Sponsored Projects Administration
504-988-5613, Fax: 988-1748

Denise Lovrovich
Associate Director,
Sponsored Projects Administration
988-5614, Fax: 988-1748

Tami G. Jenniskens
Associate Director,
Sponsored Projects Administration
988-5615, Fax: 988-1748

Verna Lee
Associate Director,
Industry Sponsored Projects
988-6437, Fax: 988-1748

Janet Angelo
Assistant Director, Post-Award Administration
988-1796, Fax: 988-1748

R. Shane Aubrey
Research Information Officer
988-7837, Fax: 988-1748

Christopher Pottle
Post-Award Specialist
988-6421, Fax: 988-1748

Ashley Ernst
Post-Award Specialist
988-1337, Fax: 988-1748

Rose Carr
Research Administrator
988-2966, Fax: 988-1748

Sofya Spector
Grants & Contracts Officer,
Industry Sponsored Projects
988-6369, Fax: 988-1748

Chris Fehrenbach
Grants & Contracts Officer
988-1724, Fax: 988-1748

Walter E. Ward III
Systems Specialist, TERA
988-1977, Fax: 988-1748

Laurie Miester
Grants & Contracts Officer
988-6526, Fax: 988-1748

Amy Noll
Grants & Contracts Officer
988-2174, Fax: 988-1748

Sandra Harmon
Grants & Contracts Assistant
988-6528, Fax: 988-1748

Cynthia Jackson
Administrative Secretary
988-5613, Fax: 988-1748


Sponsored Projects Administration provides both pre and post award services to Tulane University Downtown Campus. Staff members aid investigators in the development of budgets for grant and contract proposals, and in filing required compliance documents.

Sponsored Projects Administration personnel also engage in fiscal and business negotiations with awarding agencies, prime contractors, and subcontractors to ensure compliance with university and federal regulatory policies. Additionally, the business management associated with the award and post award activities of all grants and contracts at the Downtown Campus is administrated by this office.

Sponsored Projects Administration staff coordinates the review and execution of Research Agreements (i.e. drug studies), prepares and executes all required subcontracts, and maintains a grants and contracts database.


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