Shared Instrumentation Facility

The Shared Instrumentation Facility for Molecular Biology Research (SIF-MBR), is a state-of-the-art core facility that offers access to instrumentation and technical services for the conduct of a variety of investigations in the basic molecular biosciences. The facility is housed in four major modules in the Biochemistry Department, on the sixth floor of the Burthe-Cottam Building of the Medical School.

Some of the services which the SIF performs are Oligonucleotide Synthesis, Peptide Synthesis, Protein Sequencing, DNA Sequencing, and the Gibco/BRL Freezer Program. Available centrifugation equipment includes the Beckman Optima TLX and rotors, the Beckman XL-90 and rotors, the Sorvall RC24 and rotors. Liquid Chromatography equipment includes the Pharmacia FPLC System, the Perseptive BioSystems BioCAD, and the Waters 600E HPLC System. To assist researchers with their imaging needs the SIF has a Beckman DU600 UV-Visual Spectrometer, the Biosym Tech Modeling System, and a Fuji Bio-Imaging Analysis System with LaserWriter Pro and Kodak Printer.


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