Academic Coordination

The CBR helps to support and coordinate interdisciplinary academic research and projects on the environment. CBR faculty and staff play a number of roles as a part of these coordination efforts, including:

  • Working with scholars and researchers across disciplines at Tulane and across institutions to develop innovative and competitive research on the environment

  • Recruiting researchers to participate in ongoing or emerging research efforts

  • Integrating community engagement into research and academic projects (see more about our community coordination and engagement HERE)

  • Coordinating and contributing to development and submission of research grant proposals

Please CONTACT US  if you are interested in working with CBR on developing research projects or submission of grant proposals. A list of relevant grant programs can be found HERE.

Some examples of research coordination the CBR has hosted or coordinated include:

  • The Long-term Estuary Assessment Group (LEAG); organized in 1999, LEAG was a government-academia-industry partnership focused on promoting scientific understanding of the lower Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico.

  • The Katrina Environmental Research and Restoration Network (KERRN); After Hurricane Katrina, the CBR formed KERRN with support from the NSF to centralize information about environmental research efforts focused on understanding and responding to one of our nation's largest hurricane events. The network enabled scientists and others supported by different agencies or affiliated with various institutions to learn about the full range of research efforts in order to collaborate and coordinate research efforts. The Network also facilitated community brainstorming and identification of research gaps and needs.