Extramural Funding Opportunities

CBR tracks and publicizes relevant funding opportunities for environmental research. Opportunities are posted to this page regularly. To receive notices about funding opportunities via email, please request to be added to our mailing list. To subscribe directly, send an email to LISTSERV@listserv.tulane.edu with a blank subject line and "SUBSCRIBE CBR-L firstname lastname (or anonymous)" in the body of the email. (Note: do not include your signature or any other text.) Alternately, you may email cbr@tulane.edu and request to be added by the moderator. 

CBR serves as the Tulane University representative in the Gluf Coast Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (GC-CESU). The GC-CESU facilitates collaborative research, education and technical assistance pertaining to the human and natural environment, within and beyond the region, among federal and state agencies, universities and non-governmental organizations. As the representative for Tulane, CBR receives and disseminates special federal funding opportunities for university researches to work in cooperation with federal agencies.

For assistance with proposal preparation related to any of these opportunities, please contact us. CBR can assist with interdisciplinary team building and administrative proposal preparation activities. 

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