Brain Awareness Week

2009BAW_LogoEvery March, Tulane Brain Institute faculty and students join neuroscientists from around the country to celebrate Brain Awareness Week (BAW). The National Society for Neuroscience describes BAW as: “an inspirational global campaign that unites those who share an interest in elevating public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain and nervous system research.”

During previous BAWs, Brain Institute members have helped spread the word about neuroscience by hosting a series of events such as informational sessions for Tulane students about the neuroscience major, graduate school, and careers in neuroscience; held fun events like movie and trivia nights;  sponsored seminars by visiting neuroscientists; and worked with neuroscientists from LSU Health Science Center to bring BAW events to venues throughout New Orleans.

Volunteer faculty and students from Neuroscience Programs at Tulane and LSU Health Sciences Center held Brain Awareness Week activities at New Orleans Children’s Resource Center and Library.As part of Brain Awareness Week events, Tulane and LSU Health Sciences Center neuroscientists held a concussion and brain-injury awareness event targeted to student-athletes in grades 4-12, parents and coaches.