Giving to the Tulane Brain Institute

Scientists working at the Tulane Brain Institute are striving to answer some of today's most important questions about the brain and nervous system. Discoveries being made in Tulane labs are leading to greater understanding of and development of potential treatments for brain disorders including Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, PTSD, anxiety and depressive disorders, and developmental disorders such as autism and ADHD. The Brain Institute aims to build on these accomplishments, invest in neuroscience research across the University, and enhance the national reputation of Tulane in the area of brain science. Our goals are to foster the creation of new interdisciplinary collaborative research teams allowing for greater research innovation and discovery, to enhance our research infrastructure so that our scientists are working in world-class facilities that support leading-edge research, and to provide the support to our faculty that will allow Tulane to retain and attract top neuroscientists to the Brain Institute.

Tulane Brain Institute faculty from across the University are invested in the education and training of the next generation of neuroscientists. Undergraduate Neuroscience majors and Neuroscience Program graduate students at the Master's and PhD levels all contribute to the research teams in Brain Institute faculty labs. We are committed to excellence in neuroscience education at all levels. Our goal is to attract the best and brightest students interested in studying neuroscience to do so at the Tulane Brain Institute.

Tulane Brain Institute faculty and students are actively involved in bringing neuroscience to the community. We support active programs in K-12 outreach in New Orleans schools and promote community engagement with the goal of promoting brain health throughout the region.

Our vision is to create a new era of discovery, learning, and public influence in brain sciences at Tulane as we advance the Tulane Brain Institute to national prominence. A gift to the Brain Institute can help us realize this vision. To give online, please click here and type in Brain Institute in the "Other" box. For more information on giving opportunities or if you would like to target your gift to initiatives supporting faculty and their research, the training and education of our students, or community outreach and engagement, please contact Nicole Graas, Office of Development, at 504.314.2900 or Thank you.

Jill M. Daniel, PhD
Director, Tulane Brain InstituteBrain Institute Logo 4