K-12 Outreach

Brain Institute faculty and students participate in K-12 outreach and educational programs sponsored by Tulane University.

Tulane Science Scholar Program

The Tulane Science Scholars Program (TSSP) is a selective program for high school students who have exceptional talent in the sciences and mathematics. For-credit summer and non-credit Saturday academic year classes are offered by faculty members and graduate students who are passionate about sharing their subject area. Brain Institute faculty offer an Introduction to Neuroscience course.

GIST (Girls In STEM at Tulane)

Tulane's GIST Program provides fifth eighth grade girls with the opportunities to meet and work with women role models in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Brain Institute faculty and students lead an "Exploring Your Brain" workshop, during which girls conduct neuroscience experiments and learn neuroanatomy through hands-on activities with brains.


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