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Event Submission Guidelines

All Tulane-affiliated events that are open to public or have a wide student or employee audience should be entered in the Tulane Calendar of Events. Posting events offers an opportunity to showcase Tulane's vibrant community and can help avoid scheduling conflicts. Events must take place on a Tulane campus, or be sponsored by a department or officially registered organization of Tulane. 

NOTE: An event posting does not constitute a venue reservation,
            nor does it confer official sanction by the University.

What Not to Submit

  • Internal private meetings.* They are best managed through the University's e-mail calendaring system.
  • Announcements, Deadlines & Save the Date messages.* Unless you are hosting an info booth or pre-event to promote your deadline or future event, it is not an event. Use this form for Announcements.
  • Unapproved student events. Student organizations must have events approved by Student Affairs.
*You can post deadlines and departmental meetings to a Departmental calendar, if you have one, through the Tulane Calendar system.

How to Submit

Trouble accessing the submit form in the sidebar? Try this submit form

Any member of the Tulane community (student, staff or faculty) can submit an event to the Calendar of Events using the secure online form. To access the form you will be asked for your Tulane User ID and password.

You can set up an event for up to three Tulane accounts to manage/edit it. The three users will be:

  • User who logged in to create the event
  • Listed as “Submitter contact” e-mail, or
  • Listed as “Public contact” e-mail

Events details post immediately and appear on all calendar views within six hours. You will get an e-mail confirming your posting. Please review your event and make necessary changes.

Don't have a account? For outside organizations, if your event is on a Tulane campus and open to the public, ask the person making your reservation to submit your event to the calendar, otherwise send your event information to

Submission Form Tips

for Tulane Users

Besides the form instructions, here are some additional tips:


Please include at least a public contact email or phone number.


Tulane campuses or related buildings or quad venues are listed. If you would like to edit or add a venue, send your request to


  • Do not use all caps, italics, bold or any html code.
  • Keep it short, but descriptive.
  • Avoid starting with an article (A, An, The) or “Tulane.”


If your publicity title is: Writing Series Presents Jane Smith: Reading "The Sky Was Blue"
Submit to the Calendar like this:

Reading of “The Sky Was Blue”            ↔  (title field)
Writing Series runs through Nov. 1        ↔ (subtitle field)
Jane Smith                                             ↔ (speaker/performer field)

If the speaker is widely known, then the title field might break these guidelines:

An Evening With Al Gore                       ↔  (title field)


If you have a website, or any other link not covered on the form, you can create hyperlinked text in the full description.

  1. Highlight with your cursor all of the text from which to link, e.g., "Also visit out Facebook page"
  2. Click the 'Insert Link' link button button on the tool bar.
  3. A new page will appear. Select "Link to Existing Page, Uploaded Document or URL" and then click the 'Next' button
  4. Choose "External URL"
  5. Paste or type in the full website address of the page. If you paste it in, be sure there are no extra spaces at the end.
  6. Click the 'Finish' button to complete the linking process.


We've attempted to list all Tulane sponsors. Here are some guidelines we used:

  • The only sponsors listed with "Tulane" as the first word are "Tulane University" and "Tulane Medical Center." All others would be found by the next key word of their name, with the exception of "Department" or "Office." 
  • All schools start with "School" and all student governments start with "Student Government."
  • Most others are listed by true name, often not their acronym.
  • If an outside organization is not listed, you can select "other non-Tulane organization."

    If you would like to edit or add an organization, send your request to

Canceling an Event

Instead of deleting an event, remove the end time, change the event category to "Canceled" and revise the description to explaining that the event was postponed or canceled, removing all other description text. Change the Title to "Canceled: your event name."

Featured Events

The calendar administrators coordinate featuring events in the calendar's spotlight. Featured events must have broad appeal and are usually open to the public or at least the Tulane community. They must have description content and usually have images.

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