Revised 03 September 2015

Plan Your Tulane Event

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

- Alan Lakein

Plan ahead

  • Allow plenty of time (2-12 months).
  • Student events must be cleared with their organization's adviser.
  • Before requesting a government official to speak, notify Government Affairs. See clearance policy.
  • See also Promote Your Tulane Event.

Establish a budget

  • Facilities charges (uptown) - custodial, electrical, tables and chairs, etc.
  • Advertising - flyers, banners, invitations, etc.
  • Ticket printing
  • Guest speakers/entertainment
  • Food: What best fits this event?
  • Decorations - table covers, flowers, etc.
  • Technology and other equipment - sound system, speakers and microphone(s)

Consider day(s) and time(s)

  • Know your audience.  What is appropriate?
  • Check for date conflicts
    • Academic days, e.g., student programming is not allowed after the last day of classes each semester.
    • Religious holidays (bold titles at the linked site are the "primary" holy days), for example:
      • Serve non-meat options during Fridays of Lent
      • Try to respect the first evenings, including a few hours before sundown, of Passover, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
  • Check for other event that might be targeting the audience or create nearby noise or other distractions:

Schedule a venue

  • Use the EMS system for one of several uptown campus locations.
    (LBC, McAlister, Reily, Rogers Memorial Chapel)
  • See the venues list for campus locations and contacts
  • Off campus venues.
  • Consider a rain date and/or location

Other event planning

  • Catering — Contact the University’s Dining Services, the required vendor for uptown campus venues  | 504-865-5254
  • Facilities Services, Uptown — special events
  • Parking — To arrange for special parking or parking passes, contact TUPD |  504-865-5424
  • Police and security — For events that may require security, contact TUPD | 504-865-5381
  • Staffing – Arrange for your event staff (and training if necessary)

Immediately after

  • Remove and recycle your flyers.
  • If you plan on having an annual event:
    • Do a brief audience survey.
    • Submit photos from the event to New Wave (see Photo Tips).
    • Hold a debriefing meeting with the event committee to discuss lessons learned for future events. Evaluate the event with regards to budget (e.g., revenue, expenses) and attendance (e.g., size, target audience).
    • Save and make notes on the paperwork you created while putting together your event.
    • Send "thank you" notes to committee members, supporters, speakers and to the general community.

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