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Contacts for Reporting Serious Issues

Immediate danger of any kind: Call  TUPD at (504) 865-5911.

Report a Concern (non-academic):
This link sends your concerns about non-academic issues (e.g., behavior, health & welfare issues, etc.), confidentially, to need-to-know parties within Student Affairs/Support Services. 

Report academic concerns via the Early Alert Referral System:
Both student's academic adviser and the student will receive notice when you report any academic concern via this link.

REFERRAL GRID : this PDF provides a convenient reference for referring students to on-campus services


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Tulane Resources


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Classroom Engagement

  • Turn to Your Neighbor: The Official Peer Instruction Blog: "Education does not need to be this way."
    • Peer Instruction (PI), developed by Eric Mazur at Harvard University, offers a demonstrated method for large-scale educational change. “Turn to your neighbor” is the classic catch-phrase of Peer Instruction methodology, whereby teachers encourage students to engage with each other to develop deep subject-matter understanding, rather than sitting passively in lecture. In Turn to Your Neighbor:The Official Peer Instruction Blog,PI and flipped teaching expert and Peer Instruction Network Co-founder,Julie Schell and innovative educators from Ethiopia to New York City examine all facets of innovative teaching with a special focus on Peer Instruction."

  • Motivating Students
    • A useful summary of motivation research and pertinent references maintained by geoscience faculty at Carlton College.The page has hints, links, bibliography, and more.
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Constructing a Teaching Portfolio

    • Suggestions for  creating a teaching portfolio.
    • Guidelines for creating a teaching portfolio.
    • Helpful tips on how to organize the materials for your tenure dossier.
  • The Statement of Teaching Philosophy – some guides:
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General Resources

    • Carnegie Mellon University's Eberly Center: teaching excellence and educational innovation.
    • Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching:  this site offers resources and exhibitions on teaching methodologies.
    • Publications available for online reading (HTML) or download (PDF)
    • A non-profit center for teaching and learning at colleges and universities. They make a series of research-based studies and papers on teaching and learning available for download.
    • The Chronicle of Higher Education: A rotating group of faculty authors this regular blog on a wide range of teaching questions, offering practical advice and examples.
    • Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching : peer-reviewed online teaching and learning materials.
  • University of Kansas Center for Teaching Excellence website  
    • Although developed for faculty at Kansas, these pages provide useful guides on course development, peer review, and creation of teaching portfolios.

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Grants and Fellowships

  • A list of grants and fellowships available to Tulane faculty.

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Podcasts and Tutorials

American Radioworks' podcast series on education

American RadioWorks' documentaries are available as mp3 downloads. You may also subscribe to their podcasts via iTunes.

    • Issues concerning college dropouts and those who want to return to school


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Syllabus Construction Guides

    • This document provides a basic outline for a SACS-compliant syllabus.
    • Rutgers Center for Teaching Advancement. This also includes links to other universities' guides (Cornell, Brown, Stanford).
    • A PDF Download (Brown University, Sheridan Center, 2005)
    • University of South Carolina


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Workshops: Past and Present

Here is a link to a short clip of a brown bag session hosted by Prof. Donata Henry.   Brown bag & workshop sessions are helpful for all disciplines, casual,   and great opportunities for professional development.

  Here is a link to the recording of the faculty workshop: "Faculty's Critical Role in Fostering Student Resilience".


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Peer Observation

Peer Observation is a formative evaluation designed to enhance the quality of one’s classroom instruction

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Classroom Engagement Library

Interested in reading about classroom engagement? Come to Richardson 310 to checkout
books, journals, and dvds addressing topics related to classroom engagement topics.

   You can search our online version of the library by clicking here.

All items available are located under the "All Titles" library.  Additional libraries (Assessment, etc.) are
subdivisions of "All Titles" based on topic to make searching easier.

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Diversity in the Classroom 

CELT understands the importance of diversity.  To read some interesting works about diversity 
    in the context of engaged learning, click here.

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