CELT-CE Workshops



Fall 2012 Teaching Workshops at Tulane University

Download a PDF copy of the fall workshop schedule here.

CELT Workshops on Campus Resources for Teaching & Research

6 Sept.

Amistad Research Center, 10 - 11 AM in 113 Tilton Hall


6 Sept.

Technology Resources, Innovative Learning Center,12:00 - 1:30 PM,  3rd floor Howard-Tilton Memorial Library


10 Sept.

Jones Hall Special Collections: Southeast Architectural Archive, Garden Library, Louisiana Research Collection, and Hogan Jazz Archive, 10 - 11 AM in LBC 202


12 Sept.

Latin American Library, 11 AM - 12 PM, 4th floor Howard-Tilton Memorial Library


13 Sept.

Newcomb Archives & the Nadine Vorhoff Library, 10 - 11 am, in the Vorhoff Library, Caroline Richardson Building


19 Sept.

University Art Collections, Galleries, and Special Exhibitions, 9 - 10 AM, in LBC 210.


Brown Bag Workshops on Teaching

10 Sept.

Teaching in an Inverted Classroom, presented by Prof. Cedric Walker (SSE-Biomedical Engineering), in the Faculty Technology Lab, 3rd floor Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, 12:00 - 1:30 PM.  Light lunch.


2 Oct.

Engaging Students in Classroom Discussions, presented by Prof. Amy George-Hirons (SLA-Spanish & Portuguese), in the CELT conference room (309 Richardson Building), 12:30 - 1:45 PM. Light lunch.


8 Nov.

Did Anyone Do the Reading? Strategies to Motivate & Challenges Students to Read Critically, presented by Prof. Jana Lipman (SLA-History), in CELT conference room (309 Richardson Building), 12:30 - 1:45 PM. Light lunch.

CELT Faculty Book Club - TBA

In November, ten faculty, on a first-come basis, will get copies of Ken Bain's What the Best College Teacher Do. The group will meet three times for dinner and discussion of the book.


Faculty Grading Break - December 13, 4:00 - 6:00 PM

Join us to celebrate the near-end of the semester and take a break from your grading. Students get study faculty should have grading breaks!


Spring 2012 Workshops at Tulane University

Whether you are new to teaching or have been doing it for years – we all need to know that our issues aren’t unique.  Join other faculty members at CELT, for an informal, brown-bag workshop.  Stop in, bring a lunch – CELT will provide beverages and dessert, share your experiences and learn from others.   While each session will have a theme, we don’t need a leader – we all have something to contribute. 

All workshops are from 12:15 – 1:45 pm.

For Faculty:

  • February 9 – Classroom Management - (CELT Conference Room)
  • March 8 – Innovative Ways to Integrate Technology - (LBC 210)
  • April 12 – Making the Classroom a More Engaged Environment for you and your students – (LBC 202)

For TA’s

  • February 2 – How to Find a Balance Between Teaching and Research – (CELT Conference Room)
  • March 1 – Classroom Management – (CELT Conference Room)
  • April 5 – Grading Fairly – (CELT Conference Room)


Spring 2012 Teaching Workshops at Loyola University

Tulane faculty and graduate students are welcome to attend any of the workshops offered by Loyola's Center for Faculty Innovation.

  • Feb. 1, 3:30 PM:  Developing a Teaching Portfolio (in Monroe Library, Multimedia 2)
  • Feb. 28, 3:30 PM: Academic Integrity: Stopping Plagiarism Before it Happens (Monroe Library, Seminar Room 4)
  • Feb. 29, 3:30 PM: Academic Integrity: To Cheat or not to Cheat (Monroe Library, Multimedia 2)
  • Mar. 2, 3:30 PM: Academic Integrity: Righting the Cart – What to Do Once Cheating Occurs (Monroe LIbrary, Multimedia 2)
  • Mar. 16, 3:30 PM: Creating Critical Thinking Assignments (Monroe Library, Multimedia 2)
  • May 14, 1:00 PM: Creating Critical Thinking Assignments (Monroe Library, Multimedia 2)
For more information, download the PDF flyer or contact Liv Newman, Associate Director for Faculty Development, Monroe Library, Room 301F; 504-864-7045; or e-mail Liv Newman


Other Training Events

Spring 2012 Clicker Pedagogy Webinar Series

i>clicker is proud to sponsor the Spring 2012 Clicker Pedagogy Webinar Series. This spring we’re bringing in i>clicker pros to help you integrate our newest products and services into your course, write great clicker questions, reconsider how you use clickers in your course and much more!

Attend from your home office—each complimentary, 60-minute webinar will offer practical tips for effectively integrating clickers into your course that challenge the way your students think.  Register to prepare for your classes today and check back in with us often as we'll be posting more webinars soon!

Click for more information



Reviving the Classroom: Pedagogical Models for Engagement - 11/08/2011

A CELT Faculty workshop


Dr. Kerrissa Heffernan (Swearer Center for Public Service, Brown University) discussed models for incorporating research, service, and other engagement activities into course design.

Listen to & view slides from her talk:  (1) Heffernan slides + audio; (2) Heffernan slides only


Engaged Scholarship in the Sciences: Community-Based Research, Service Learning, Grants - 11/07/2011

A Center for Public Service Workshop


Phil Brown (Brown University) shared his experience with community-based research in the sciences. The main focus of the presentation was the connection between scientific research and the community. Dr. Brown provided information about writing grant proposals, including statements about broader impact of research, and other professional opportunities for faculty. 

View Dr. Brown's presentation: (1) Brown audio-visual [NOTE: There were some problems with the transmission of Dr. Brown's slides in Adobe Connect; however, the slideshow is available as a separate file; (2) Brown slides only


Grading and Assessments -- Not as easy as you might think! - 11/1/11

A CELT Faculty workshop


Struggling with how to write and prepare quality assessments and ensure that your grading methods and systems are fair? There is help available! Linda McKee and Jim Kilbane both with extensive expertise in the field will lead this noon time workshop. Come, enjoy a buffet lunch, learn from the pros as well as from your peers and share your own experiences.

View Slides and Handouts: (1) Overview of Assessment Strategies (2) The Cognitive Process Dimension (3) Bloom Polygon (4) Slides: Assessing and Accountability



Setting Boundaries with Students - 9/26/11

A CELT Faculty workshop


A round-table for faculty on topics related to dealing with students both inside and outside of the classroom.  We hope to offer strategies for dealing with problems and an introduction to support networks at the university.  Come with your questions. Share experiences and advice with colleagues.

Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-314-7698