The mission of the Research Engagment section of CELT is threefold:

  • Facilitate the creation of programs at the research-education interface, particularly those funded from federal and state programs.
    We invite faculty to work with us on grant proposals and grant-funded projects. The Center staff will provide assistance to faculty members who desire to develop research/education proposals. Such assistance can take the form of assimilation of institutional data; editorial consulting, budget development; and reviews prior to submission. To date a number of grant proposals have been submitted that create opportunities for undergraduate students and graduate students to engage in research with faculty and in the community. Currently, a project funded by the Education Development Center in New York is funding three undergraduates working on a research project in the Jefferson Parish School District examining the impact of enhanced instructional technology on student achievement.

  • Foster minority participation in research-education programs at the pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate level.
    The Center houses several programs, including the Louisiana Alliance for Minority participation at Tulane <link to webpage here>(LAMP) and the Graduate Alliance for Education in Louisiana <link to webpage here>  (GAELA). The Tulane LS-LAMP Summer Undergraduate Research Training Program, is a ten-week program of directed research and training in research methods. The program also involves academic-year research mentoring for minority undergraduates at Tulane and other local universities. The Graduate Alliance for Education in Louisiana (GAELA) is a program whose mission is to increase the number of minorities entering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) doctoral degree programs and to increase the number  joining the ranks of the professorate. Alliance partners include: Tulane University, Louisiana State University, Xavier University of Louisiana, Dillard University, and Southern University at Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  A number of Tulane faculty have participated in LAMP and GAELA, principally by mentoring undergraduate and graduate student participants in the two programs.

  • Enhance the undergraduate experience through programs that promote active participation in research activities. The Center works to inform undergraduate students of the benefits of research in terms of vocational advantages and intellectual growth. Also, the Center offers training to undergraduate students in how to seek out research opportunities and work with a research mentor. For example, this website provides students with several databases for searching for research opportunities.

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