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Board of Regents/Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Graduate Fellowships

Tulane University has received a grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents to fund 4-year fellowships for minority doctoral students.   The fellowships, which are available to minority students in good standing in every Tulane Ph.D. program, provide generous stipends, tuition remission and other benefits.  In addition to a fellowship package provided by Tulane University, a BOR/SREB Fellow will be a member of the Southern Regional Conference Board's Doctoral Scholars program, which includes additional benefits. Please see the SREB website (Click Here) for additional information.

Applicants apply for admission as they would to any graduate program.  After a candidate is offered admission by a graduate program, the offering department or program applies to the Office of Academic Affairs, BOR/SREB Committee, on behalf of the admitted student. The department or program does this by sending the candidate's application file, along with supporting information, to the BOR/SREB Committee.  The Committee selects the fellowship candidates, who are then notified by their department or program.  BOR/SREB Fellowship candidates may accept or not accept the BOR/SREB fellowship.  Since the candidate has already been accepted into a Ph.D. program, the decision to accept or not accept the Fellowship has no impact on admission status.

SREB Minority Graduate Student Fellowship - SREB - SREB Minority Graduate Student Fellowship

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