Research Journals through Howard-Tilton: The Tulane library has a vast array of searchable research journals available online at You will be able to find discipline-specific journals and general journals.

Center for Public Service: The Center for Public Service is dedicated to supporting the university's diverse community-based research and service activities as well as serving as an intellectual and physical space for sustained university/community partnerships.

Center for Bioenvironmental Research: CBR has created a place where eminent scholars and teachers from varying backgrounds and disciplines gather to conduct research, debate vital issues, instruct the young, and connect with the community outside its walls.

Tulane Honors Program: The honors program targets academically talented students in Tulane University's Newcomb - Tulane College; students may be invited to participate in the Honors Program, or may become eligible at some point in his or her college career to join the Program.

Cowen Institue: The Cowen Institute, named after Tulane President Scott Cowen, is working to develop and improve the K-12 public education system. The institute addresses problems behind lack of student achievement with creative programs and policies, and is focused on four key areas: Applied Research, Public Policy, University-Based Initiatives, and College Readiness Programs.

Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-314-7698