If you have an idea for a project you would like to carry out on campus, or you are currently working on a project and you would like funding to continue to work on your project or expand your project, you may apply to an external agency, foundation, or other non-profit organization. Please review any guidelines carefully and make sure you observe the letter of their instructions.  Funding may come in the form of a grant or a fellowship. You may need to apply through your professor or through the university. Deadlines from the previous academic year may not have been updated by the granter. Continue to check back for updates on this website.

For assistance, please contact Allen Thomas, 314-7680.

Links to Opportunities

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations - SHAFR Dissertation Completion Fellowship 04/01/16
American Nuclear Society - James R. Vogt Scholarship 02/01/16
International Association for Great Lakes Research - Paul W. Rogers Scholarship 03/01/16
Huyck (Edmund Niles) Preserve - Graduate and Postgraduate Research Grants 03/11/16
International Foodservice Editorial Council 03/15/16
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues - Applied Social Issues Internship Program 04/15/16
Center for Science in the Public Interest - Public Interest Internship Program Seasonal
Clay Minerals Society - Student Research Grants 02/16/16

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