A student in the lab. 

A Selection of Student Research Funded by the CELT Grant:

Secondary transmission of aspergillosis in the common sea fan: Victoria Troeger

Tracking Jewish Merchants in the Cotton Industry in the U.S. South: Haley Ade

The Crisis of European transnationalism and the south-north divide: the blame game in Spain and Sweden: Matthew Brandeberg

Development of a fully automated dual frequence 2D-IR spectrometer: Clara Nyby

The Importance of Learning Experiences and Anxiety Sensitivity in Predicting Panic: Olivia Mahler-Haug

Determining the pattern of GluN2B Genetic Knockout in Forebrain Neurons that Leads to Reduced Despair Behavior in MIce: James Houston

GPR30 Activation Induces Gluocorticoid Receptor Translocation in a Hypothalmic Cell Line: Saiara Choudhury

The effect of novel nootropic compound Noopept on AMPA-mediated synaptic currents in the supraoptic nuceleus of the rat hypothalmus: Michael Giangrasso

Transitional Justice in Brazil: Robyn Smith, Allison Fisher

Expression-Based Targeting for Early Cancer Detection: Benjamin Wolfson

The Behavioral and Emotional Screening Sytem Teacher Report Form (BESS TRF) as a Predictor of Student Outcomes: Sarah Kurash, Ilana Elias, Sarah Goldberg

Race and the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Election: Morgan Franklin

Coping with Invisibility: How Black Women navigate the intersection of race and gender based stereotyping: Rachel Rubinstein


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